Welcome to the Spanish online school!

If you are reading this, chances are you are into learning Spanish. Such a beautiful language it is, such a big vocabulary it has though! Many people give up on learning Spanish because they cannot learn much words and phrases in a reasonable time, so they get bored and quit.

Learn Spanish with Education Games!

Here in the Spanish Colegioo, we solve this problem by our unique learning approach: you will learn Spanish while playing games! Playing games is a fun activity, so you will not get bored, and it is stimulating enough to get you to learn new phrases and words in a short time, and recall them quite instantly.

Fetek in Siwa - An Educational Game

Our theme game at the moment is called "Fetek in Siwa", Fetek is a desert fox that needs to be guided to the right watermelon to eat. The right watermelon is signified by the right answer to some question. The question is mostly about the meaning of some word or phrase. The more correct answers you give, the faster the fox will be, and the faster you have to recall words, and vice versa, so the game speed is adapted to your level. When you give a wrong answer, the correct answer will be highlighted, giving you a chance to learn items even if you haven't seen them before. Every question is repeated until you have mastered it.


The material learned is organized in levels from A1 (Breakthrough or beginner) to B2 (Vantage or upper intermediate). You can access the different courses using the menu on the right.

New courses and games will be uploaded regularly, do not forget to give us your feedback on the website, we improve only through hearing from keen learners!

We wish you fruitful learning in the Spanish Colegioo!